Selling art

We protect buyers and sellers equally

ART PLEASE is designed to make selling art online safe and easy. We have offices in NY and Prague, and are opening our next office in London in the Q4 2015. Our staff is dedicated professionals from an art and finance background, and our procedures for buying and selling art are proven safe, secure, and efficient for transactions of any size. We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors list with us.

We offer real risk-free exposure

Our website is carefully curated with “blue chip” fine art that is vetted by a team of experts who take price in their due dilligence. We have active Facebook, Twitter, and RSS Feeds to help promote your listings. We also have a private viewing salon for qualified buyers/sellers.

Listings are free – commissions as low as 5%

Sellers are responsible for all packing and crating costs. Buyers are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs, and applicable customs or VATS. The commission is due when the art sells and is based on the actual sale price. By listing withART PLEASE you agree to list exclusively with our site for a period of 90 days. You reserve the right to sell your art privately during this time period. After 90 days you may list your art elsewhere, and maintain your listing here with the understanding we retain the ability to sell your art so long as it is listed. For the best results we recommend lising your art exclusively withART PLEASE until it is sold. You may remove your listing at any time without penalty.

Entering a listing

1. Register with It’s free and allows you full access to buy, sell, sign up for our Newsletter, and browse our many resources. Reach out to us with the art that you are interested in buying or selling. After careful consideration, we will do our best to list this on our site.2. ART PLEASE will contact you by e-mail and approve your listing within 48 hours if you have provided ALL the information and photos to our satisfaction. In 48 hours if your listing is not posted please contact us and we will make sure to give this the attention that this deserves.

Your listing is aproved and visible to the art world

1. When a buyer purchases, makes an offer, or asks a question, our staff will contact you by e-mail or phone. This is why it is so important to have your accurate contact info. We monitor incoming offers and inquiries 24/7 and will notify you immediately when there is interest. It’s important that we can reach you quickly when a buyer makes an offer so be on the lookout for our sales team.2. Our sales associates will work with both parties to facilitate a sale. When a price has been agreed upon,ART PLEASE will collect and secure funds from the buyer. We will then assist the seller with packing, shipping and insurance. Each transaction is unique and will be handled personally by one of our experienced sales Team Leaders.3. Buyers are requested to open and inspect the artwork immediately upon receipt. When the buyer has aproved the purchase,ART PLEASE will release funds to the seller within 5 business days.

Privacy policy

Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone. We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report immediately.