ART PLEASE is the world’s premiere collector-to-collector discovery platform for blue-chip fine art. Our global network of fine art experts and collectors is dedicated to helping you buy, sell, and valuate art.

Our platform comprises of some of the worlds’ most in-demand fine artworks, hidden gems, as well as works by emerging artists.

We are driven by our passion for art and commitment to excellence. That is why we are able to offer some of the lowest commissions in the industry, allowing you to maximize your ability to invest and grow your collection.


Your own team of fine art specialists.

List your art with us

ART PLEASE has a global reach that gives your art direct access to the world’s leading collectors. We curate our listings very carefully, looking for the finest works by the most enduring figures in art as well as cutting-edge pieces by emerging artists. Our clients have discerning taste and have come to expect excellence. We are proud to deliver the most coveted, highest-quality artworks to them.

Sourcing art for you

Whether you are purchasing your first work of art or building upon an existing collection, you need to ensure that you are investing in high-quality artworks. The ART PLEASE specialists are able to find virtually any piece through our international network of private and public partners. Equally important, we utilize our expertise to verify the provenance and quality of the works that we source for you.

We valuate your art

Artwork is more than just a decoration or a conversation piece – it’s an investment. The team of experts at ART PLEASE employ a holistic approach to art valuation and forecasting, utilizing proprietary, data-centric financial models to paint a comprehensive picture of the value of a piece. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will have the information you need about the value of your artworks.

Galleries are welcome

Gone are the days when galleries need to rely solely on foot traffic and word of mouth to generate interest and leads. ART PLEASE offers galleries a central online platform to reach a wide global audience of internet-connected art lovers. We help make your inventory more liquid on the sell-side through our exceptional reach and access to the world’s most engaged and motivated collectors.


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The exceptional reach of our cutting-edge, industry-leading platform is dedicated to helping collectors valuate and sell pieces and source new artworks.

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