How It Works

ART PLEASE is the leading collector-to-collector discovery platform for blue chip fine art. ART PLEASE allows you to explore, buy and sell art, safely and securely online. We do this by connecting art sellers, who are creating listings every day of art they wish to sell, with art buyers who are looking for new art works on our discovery platform. We match up buyers with sellers, collectors to collectors, and provide a dedicated specialist to help manage each transaction. All you’ll need to do to get started is to create a free account to buy or sell with us.

1. Find

Find the right piece of art at Available Art

2. Check

Inspect the piece and ensure the commitment to buy or sell

3. Deal

Achieve the right sale or buy price

4. Dispatch

Ensure the art is dispatched and delivered safely

Good to Know

Sell art

We’ll make sure your art is seen by the largest possible audience plus you’ll have a dedicated Specialist on hand to help every step of the way

Buy art

We’ve hand-picked specialists to conduct each sale, they check everything from the condition to the authenticity so you can be confident you’re buying the art you love at some of the industry’s best prices.

Art wanted

Looking for an artwork we don’t have? Create an ‘art wanted’ listing (visible to both buyers and sellers) and we’ll contact you first should it become available

No hidden fees

Selling price includes our 10% Commission. No additional fees. 10% margin is among the lowest and most Competitive broker fee in the industry.

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