Brendan Lynch

Brendan Lynch

1985 - present

Artist Information

Brendan Lynch is an American abstract artist. Born in Los Angeles, he grew up surrounded by everyday street and urban art – graffiti, cartoons, comic strips. Embracing the dialogue, or antagonism, between what is considered ‘high and low’ art, Brendan employs a variety of mediums, with a predilection for non-traditional and profane materials such as surf wax, cigarette ash, potato chips and even toenail clippings. Part of the Brooklyn-based artist-run organization The Still House Group, he is mostly known for his graphite and aluminum on wood abstract creations and his spray-painted universes on gallery walls. Lynch’s fragments located within the wooden panels form narratives, suggest stories. Effusing sincerity, his works aim to paint a more egalitarian, horizontal reality.

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