Chris Succo

Chris Succo

1979 - present

Artist Information

Chris Succo is a German artist best known for his abstract paintings featuring a minimalist black and white palette. In his artistic expression, Succo experiments with a variety of materials, mediums and processes – using spray painting, oil on canvas, silkscreen collages, sculptures made of mild steel or boxing equipment – but remains consistent in his free abstract expressionist spirit. As minimalists explored the freedom of shapes, lines, color and forms as elements existing on its own, without the need to serve a bigger narrative, Succo advocates in favor of materiality and the intrinsic value of his gestural layers of paint. Some of his pieces resemble writing or calligraphy and source their titles from poems and songs, showcasing the influence of poetry and music in his work. Succo’s work is held in prominent collections such as the HBC Global Art Collection.

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