David Nash

David Nash

b. 1945

Artist Information

David Nash is a British sculptor and land artist, considered one of the country’s most prolific artists. Working almost exclusively in wood, he started creating abstract sculptures carved and manipulated out of this natural material in the 1970’s using heavy machinery such as chainsaws and axes. Isolated in the ex-mining British town of Blaenau, David nurtured his own voice and style aside from the artistic trends prevailing in British art at that time. His masterpieces are long-term projects that exist in the nature, Ash Dome being a ring of 22 ash trees planted in 1977 that he progressively shaped into a mesmerizing rotunda, and Wooden Boulder being an oak trunk carved into a ball in 1978 that has been slowly tumbling down a river over the years.

David Nash’s work is held in over 80 public collections worldwide, including the Uffizi Gallery, Florence; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Tate, London; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, among others.

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