Gunther Uecker

Gunther Uecker

b. 1930

Artist Information

Günther Uecker is a German painter, sculptor and installation artist, fascinated by the visual exploration of surface, light and space. The use of nails, hammered into mundane ready-mades to create artworks in between paintings and sculptures, are at the center of his innovative practice. Uecker’s optic and kinetic art employs natural materials such as sand, water, electricity, stone, ash and glass to generate a holistic sensation of light, space, movement and time.

Günther Uecker was a member of ZERO, a group of artists who propagated a new beginning of art in opposition to the German Informel in the 1960’s, together with Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Mattiis Visser. Created in 2008 by the original founders of the movement, the ZERO foundation holds the complete archives of the group and other related artists. He has received several prestigious awards throughout his enduring artistic career, spanning seven remarkable decades.

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