Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood

b. 1977

Artist Information

Jonas Wood born 1977, is a contemporary artist. Raised in Boston, Wood is the child of “art-inclined parents”. He graduated from the Cambridge School of Weston in 1995. As an undergraduate, he chose to study at Hobart College, a liberal arts school where he could study both science and art. By his junior year, he had completed his psychology major and he spent his senior year studying painting. 

Wood paints from studies (collages and drawings) and sometimes uses photography, but most of his works and studies are part of the larger plan of creating paintings.[4] Wood has also done etchings. Among Wood’s motifs are domestic interiors, landscapes, still-life and sports scenes. In an Architectural Digest story by Rebecca Bates, Wood claimed to paint to create new memories of his former residences: “I’m interested in exploring the spaces that I’ve inhabited and the psychological impact they’ve had on me and my memories of them,…And then I can create a new memory of that space.

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