Marion Peck

Marion Peck

b. 1963

Artist Information

Marion Peck is an American artist known for her pop surrealist universe. Together with her husband Mark Ryden, they have been named the Queen and King of Pop Surrealism. Dealing with dreams, nightmares and the subconscious, Peck sources inspiration from mythological references and Lewis Carrol’s fantastical world. The eccentric and strange creatures that inhabit the artist’s particular world, existing in a Disney’s alternative macabre realm, demand affection and attention. Behind Peck’s emblematic surreal aesthetic hides an emotionally realistic nature. Her pieces are complex and cryptic, not evident at first-sight, like the resurfaced dreams that were buried deep down our unconsciousness.

With two recent solo exhibitions in Shanghai and Los Angeles, Marion is an important artistic figure in the contemporary scene.

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