Marc Quinn

Snow in the Amacuro Delta Venezuela, 2010

Oil on canvas
66 1/2 × 102 2/5 in (169 × 260 cm)
Very Good
Private Collection
Middle East
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More information about this artwork

Marc Quinn is a contemporary British artist. His artistic practice explores the human form, its relationship with nature and beauty, the quest for identity, genetics, the passing of time, human history and evolution. Quinn examines these themes through paintings, sculptures and monumental installation pieces. On the borderline between abstraction and ultra-realism, Quinn combines scientific knowledge and artistic expression to produce groundbreaking works such as his DNA portrait of the genetic scientist Sir John Sulston. As an artist he rose to prominence in 1991 with his controversial sculpture Self, a self-portrait made with ten pints of Quinn’s own blood and kept ‘alive’ at sub-zero temperatures. The artist has received international acclaim for his series of sculptures featuring the supermodel Kate Moss contorting in diverse yogic poses.

Snow in the Amacuro Delta Venezuela is a sublime exemplar of Quinn’s well known floral hyperrealist oil paintings. Showcasing a bunch of vibrant and exotically-colored flowers at their prime, the artist reveals the ongoing battle that takes place past the beautiful façade: an environment with a need to flourish struggling against the human need to control it.

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