Even the Heart Skips a Beat, 2024

Screenprint, hand cut, glitters added by hand
Somerset Rad white velvet 330gsm
Signed on rector, numbered and stamped by our publishing house
43 3/10 inches x 28 5/6 inches (110 x 73.5 cm.)
Very Good
Private Collection
Los Angeles
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More information about this artwork

Retna's "Even the Heart Skips a Beat," crafted in 2024, stands as a mesmerizing testament to his distinctive artistic flair. Renowned for his intricate calligraphic compositions that fuse street art with ancient typography, Retna's work consistently pushes the boundaries of contemporary visual expression. In this particular piece, Retna's mastery shines through a meticulous blend of screenprinting, hand-cut techniques, and the delicate addition of glitters by hand. Each element is purposefully orchestrated to create a harmonious interplay of texture and form, drawing viewers into a captivating dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Measuring 43 3/10 inches by 28 5/6 inches (110 x 73.5 cm.), "Even the Heart Skips a Beat" is presented on Somerset Rad white velvet 330gsm paper, enhancing both its visual richness and tactile allure. Moreover, each print is imbued with a sense of exclusivity, as it is meticulously signed on the recto, numbered, and stamped by the publishing house responsible for its production. Through this meticulous attention to detail, Retna invites audiences to immerse themselves in a multifaceted journey of discovery, where every stroke and shimmer unveils a new layer of meaning and emotion. "Even the Heart Skips a Beat" stands as a testament to Retna's enduring ability to captivate and inspire, transcending the boundaries of conventional artistry to ignite the imagination and stir the soul.

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