Aaron Garber-Maikovska

Aaron Garber-Maikovska

b. 1978

Artist Information

“Los Angeles-based Aaron Garber-Maikovska is a multimedia artist whose body of work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture and video; and I am particularly drawn to his gator board paintings marked by frenzied, expressive lines and colour.

Possibly taking the shape of a letter, a sign, a portrait, a cartoon strip or even calligraphy, these paintings appear illegible, almost cryptic – with lines and colour fading in and out of sync. The viewer may attempt to look into meaning in Garber-Maikovska’s work, but the aim of the artist is to convey new modes of communication through the gesticulations of his body.

Visually, the paintings have a gestural bravado and a frivolous sense of movement and rhythm. From the earlier examples, with bold black lines, to the later works, with a chaotic use of paint and pastel, Garber-Maikovska has an idiosyncratic approach that really does stand out.”

Text used from www.christies.com

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