Javier Calleja

Javier Calleja

b. 1971

Artist Information

Javier Calleja is an emergent artist from Malaga, a port city in Southern Spain. Based on contrasts and disjunctives, his artistic practice explores grandeur and smallness, obviousness and crypticism, childishness and adulthood, tenderness and sarcasm. Playing with spaces, scales and materials, the artist departs from a deep-rooted comic influence to create his own peculiar and make-believe world of characters with gigantic and almost disembodied eyes. Javier does not like to talk about the underlying meaning of his work, claiming that ‘good magicians never explain their tricks’. He wants to preserve the short-lived magic that takes place when we first look at his pieces, postposing the subsequent rationalization carried out by our brain. Javier is represented by the leading edge, Japan-based gallery Nanzuka.

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