Jean-Michel Basquiat

Untitled (Cabeza), 1982/2004

Screenprint in colors, from Portfolio II, numbered from an edition of 85, with the Estate stamp verso, signed in pencil, dated by Gerard Basquiat (the administrator of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat), published by David DeSanctis Contemporary Art, Inc., New York, on Saunders Hot Press watercolour paper
54½ by 39⅝ inches (138.4 x 100.7 cm.)
Very Good
Private Collection
New York

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More information about this artwork

hi there, please write 2 paragraphs on Jean Michel Basquiat and his 1982 artwork Untitled (Cabeza)
Jean-Michel Basquiat, born in 1960 and gone too soon in 1988, was a trailblazing American artist whose impact on the contemporary art scene continues to reverberate. Rising from the streets of New York City, Basquiat began his artistic journey as a graffiti artist under the pseudonym SAMO. His transition to the gallery scene was meteoric, and he swiftly became known for his raw, expressive style that seamlessly blended street art, Neo-expressionism, and a profound engagement with African-American cultural heritage. Basquiat's works often feature a cacophony of symbols, words, and figures, reflecting his deep introspection and commentary on social and political issues. Untitled (Cabeza), created in 1982, is a powerful example of Basquiat's ability to communicate complex narratives through his distinct visual language. The artwork, translating to "Head" in Spanish, showcases a fragmented skull adorned with Basquiat's signature graffiti-like marks and enigmatic symbols, inviting viewers into the artist's richly layered world of meaning.

In Untitled (Cabeza), Basquiat's bold strokes and vibrant colors capture the immediacy and urgency of his creative process. The skull, a recurring motif in his oeuvre, serves as a potent symbol, transcending its traditional association with mortality. Instead, it becomes a conduit for exploring the artist's fascination with life, death, and the human condition. The juxtaposition of words, symbols, and fragmented anatomy in the composition reflects Basquiat's engagement with his Haitian and Puerto Rican heritage, as well as his critical examination of racial identity and societal structures. Untitled (Cabeza) stands as a testament to Basquiat's ability to merge high and low art, creating a visual language that not only resonates on a visceral level but also invites contemplation on the profound complexities of the human experience.

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