Andy Warhol

Orangutan (Trial Proof), From Endangered Species, 1983

Screenprint in colors on Lenox Museum board
Numbered and signed Trial Proof (TP), with publishers stamp on the reverse, published by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., with printer's blind stamp lower left, printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, New York
38 x 38 inches (96.5 x 96.5 cm.)
Very Good
Private Collection

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More information about this artwork

Andy Warhol, the iconic figure of the Pop Art movement, is renowned for his exploration of consumer culture and celebrity through vibrant and repetitive imagery. In his 1983 series "Endangered Species," Warhol ventured beyond his usual subjects to shed light on environmental concerns. Among the striking pieces in this series is the artwork titled "Orangutan," a unique Trial Proof (TP) screenprint on Lenox Museum board. This piece captures Warhol's distinctive style, featuring bold, saturated colors and meticulous repetition, while simultaneously drawing attention to the plight of endangered species. Through his art, Warhol prompts viewers to reflect on the fragility of our natural world and the urgency of conservation efforts.

Warhol's "Orangutan" stands as a poignant reminder of humanity's impact on the environment and the creatures we share it with. By elevating the image of the orangutan to the realm of high art, Warhol challenges viewers to reconsider their relationship with nature and the responsibility to protect endangered species. Through the fusion of art and advocacy, Warhol's work transcends the boundaries of mere aesthetic expression, becoming a powerful catalyst for social and environmental awareness. "Orangutan" serves as a testament to Warhol's enduring legacy as not only an artistic innovator but also a conscientious commentator on the pressing issues of his time.

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